Charles Scovell

Thomas Scoville
George Bason
of Sturminster
unknown Grandparent
Charles Scovell of Wichampton
Joan Bason
(Bpt. 7th Dec 1572 - )

Charles Scovell

Anne and Charles' known children are

Charles Scovell came from a long line of distinguished ancestors. It is suspected that the family originally came from France either with or very soon after William the Conqueror. The name comes from their town of origin - Escoville - and the first note of the family in England is Charles' 12x great grandfather Sir Ralph De Escoville in 1194. They were quite a powerful family and were instrumental in the forcing of King John to sign Magna Carta in 1215.

The history of the family was published in 1915 by Homer Worthington Brainard. The book was limited to 250 copies was a private publication entitled "A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America; Seven Hundred Years of History and Genealogy" and is available to download or read online from surveyofscovilso00brai

Charles' father - also named Charles - is described as follows in the above book

Charles Scovell, son (probably fourth son) of Thomas and Alice Scovell of Wichampton, lived in Wichampton. The records of his baptism, marriage, and burial are not found, as the parish registers be- fore 1656 are lost. He married Joane, daughter of George Bason, baptized at Sturminster Marshall Dec. 7, 1572. As far as known they had but one child, Charles Scovell, Jr.

and subsequently the same book states

Charles Scovell, Jr., was born about 1593. He matriculated at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1610, the only English Scovell known to have done so.

This is borne out by the entry in Registrum Universitatis Oxon.

"1610. 16 June. Balliol.
Charles Skovell. Dorset, pleb. f . 17." [son of a commoner, aged 17.] He received from his uncle, Richard Scovell of Wichampton, an endowment at the time of his marriage to Anne Vawer. He lived at Wraxhall, Somerset, and there died."

The Book above expands this and states

Charles Scovell, fourth son of Thomas and Alice Scovell of Wichampton, on his marriage to Anne Vawer was provided with an annuity by his uncle Richard Scovell of Wichampton, as shown by the following :

(Note, however, that this is inaccurate, as Richard was brother to Charles senior and uncle to Charles Junior, who was the recipient of the annuity. It appears from the pedigrees that Richard only had Daughters.)

Field Club Deeds. Dorchester.
To all Christian people to whome this wrighting shall come. Know ye that Richard Scovell of Witchampton in the Countie of Dorset, Gent, for and in consideration of a marriage to bee by God's grace had and solemnized betweene Anne Vower of Burcomb als Birdcombe within the parish of Wraxell in the Countie of Somerset, widdow of the one pte and Charles Scovell nephew of the said Richard Scovell of the other pte hath given and graunted and by these pnts dothe give and graunte unto the said Anne Vawer yf the said marriage shalbee had and solemnized accordinglie one other annuitie or yearly rent charge of twentie pound by the yeare to bee yssueing or goeing out of all those lands, tenements or hereditaments in Witchampton (being one fourth part or more of the Manor of Witchampton) or elsewhere in the said County of Dorset to have and to hold to her & her assigns from & immediately after the deaths of Richard Scovell & Elizabeth Scovell wiffe of the said Richard Scovell & either of them unto the end & term & for and during the full terme of 4 score years, if the said Anne Vawer shall so long live & the said marriage be solemnized. To be paid quarterly. [The usual distraint clause is added.]
11 Dec. 1623. 21st James I.
(Signed) Richard Scovell.

The Wraxall Parish Register states that "Charles Scovell was Buryed (sic) the 10th day of April 1658"

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