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David and Andy Vawer

Many people have made significant contributions to the information contained in the site and we are extremely grateful to them all.
The listing below is in no particular order, and bears no relationship to the amount or value of information provided.
We also wish to thank all those anonymous people who have compiled records of listings of parish churches archives, wills, IGI listings etc. who have made our lives searching for information so much easier.

  • Mabel Vawer
  • Jean Woodward
  • Harold F. Lawless
    (82, died Saturday, Aug. 17, 2002 at Randolph County Medical Center, Pocahontas.
    He was born Aug. 15, 1920 in Providence, R.I.)
  • Jodie Ball
  • Archie Vawer
  • John and Ann Copley
  • Ben Parkes
  • Mike Smith
  • Michael Ranger
  • Liz Stone
  • Marie Pettman

Please forgive us if your name has not been mentioned, but do let us know so that it can be added.

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