Recent updates to information, added pages, and changes in format etc. are listed here

December 2014 All pages rewritten to use "Frames" format
Several errors corrected
New Welsh Origins history page added.
Charles Scovell page added
Anne Vawer page updated
Samuel Aldis page updated
January 2015 Lilly Vawer marriage added
Hannah Vawer updated
Susannah White updated
February 2015 Birdcombe years added to Historical
Hannah Vawer Birth certificate details added
Hannah Vawer Marriage certificate details added.
Hannah Vawer personal page updated
James Robison page added
James Robison story page created
April 2015 Total update of all names which are included on this site
Many individual pages updated at the same time
September 2015 Owing to a virus attack that managed to bypass my virus protection, I was forced
to reinstall everything from backups.
Unfortunately the one thing I couldn't salvage was my old Emails ZIP file,
as this probably contained the virus. Everything is well now, but I lost
old Emails from the 18 months previous to July 15, and so have lost
contact details for people whoi have contacted us over that time. If you
did contact us over that period, please get in touch again, else I cannot
get back to you if further information related to your research crops up.
October 2015 Canada pictures failed link corrected (Many thanks to Susan for pointing out the error)
Anne Bennet page corrected
Additions to James Robison's page
January 2016 Hannah/Dianna Vawer page added
Samuel Gray page added - update to this being prepared
Relevant updates to associated links to the above, i.e siblings, name links etc.
Updated Jane Farley Vawer. Added Marriage details and certificate details
February 2016 Updated Marriages of Mary Ann Vawer
Updated death dates of James Vawer (b.1808)
Updated Marriage of Mary Vawer and William Thorne
September 2016 Updated details of Sarah Vawer (1815-1882)
Added Joseph Ponsford (1809-1887) and Family
Added details of Richard Vawer (1589- 1607) Death and will
Added details to Ada Florence Vawer and marriage to Herbert Clifford Smith
Deaths of Edith Annie Vawer and Lilly Vawer Added
Updated Sophia Vawer and children Maria and Jane
March 2017 Jenkyn Vawer updated and will added
November 2017 Mary Vawer (1814)updated and husband Benjamin Godwin's genealogy added
Sincere thanks to Carol Godwin for her research into these lines.
March 2018 Have finally got a sensible program to connect me to the website again
The old program which I used was discontinued and left me in the lurch.
Elizabeth Vawer and Luke Hollister details updated
Details of William Vawer's challenge to ownership of Birdcombe Court added to the Historical - Birdcome page
some updates to William Vawer Merchant page
Anne Langley page updated

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