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Kate Alexandra Vawer

Kate was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, UK. She became a domestic servant.

Like many Vawers she emigrated to Canada. She left Liverpool on board the "Victorian" on 7th June 1907, and arrived in Montreal on 15th June. However she later, in 1917, moved to the USA to Rhode Island (see certificate) where she married George Lawless, described as a Jewellery Maker (or ring turner) at the time but it is known that he had served in the navy during the early 1900s. George was born 1st April 1880 in Manchester, England.

The marriage took place 13th August 1919 in the Cathedral of Ss Peter and Paul Providence Rhode Island.

Kate died as a result of accidental drowning. She was known to be epileptic and found dead in her bath.

Kate's known siblings are

Details of Kate and George's known children are restricted, owing to links to living people

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