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Mary Vawer

Mary's known siblings are

Mary married Benjamin Godwin, a coal haulier, son of Benjamin Godwin and Ann Doggett on 19 October 1835 in Holy Trinity Church, Nailsea, Somerset.
After Benjamin's death she was employed as a servant to Francis M Thomer in Nailsea (Census 1861), and later she worked as a nurse, though had retired from this occupation by the time of the 1871 census, and was a lodger living in Belle Vue Crescent in Bristol. By the 1881 census she had returned to live in Nailsea, in Silver Street.

Benjamin and Mary's known children were

Eliza Godwin Bapt: 14 August 1836 Buried: 1 February 1846
John Godwin
Born: 6 January 1838
Bapt: 11 February 1838
Died: December Q 1908
Married: 1.Harriet James 4 August 1858
Married: 2. Ann Woolford 18 October 1861
William Godwin
Born: 16 February 1840
Bapt: 5 April 1840
Died: December Q 1902 Married:Emily Grey 1863
Samuel Godwin
Born: 17 February 1843
Bapt: 19 March 1843
Died: June Q 1893 Married: Phoebe Jones in Pontypool 1871

We very much appreciate the research of Carol Godwin and thank her for supplying us with the information about the genealogy of the Godwin Family and its Vawer links

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