Hannah/Dianna Vawer

William Vawer
Dianna Milsom
unknown Grandparent
unknown Grandparent
John Vawer
Mary Notyet

Hannah/Dianna Vawer

This lady has been rather elusive to track down, as so far we have found no records about her prior to her marriage to Samuel Gray. She is attributed to this line as a result of her Marriage declaration that John Vawer was her father. We have not yet viewed certification to eliminate this discrepancy. There appears to be no baptism record in Nailsea with the other members of the family. Internet records also give conflicting information as to her date of marriage and dates of birth/baptisms of her children.

Hannah/Dianna's known siblings are

Hannah's and Samuel's known children are

Though born in Bedminster, Hannah appears to have maintained her roots to Nailsea, and had her children baptised there, as well as her own burial.

Records marked * are from Ian Sage's invaluable pages of parish record transcripts and other information for the history of Nailsea

Other children's dates from Gary Clarke's tree on rootsweb. However, his dates for birth of children are at odds with the baptismal records and dates are at present unconfirmed.

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